Just for fun, I wrote a script to read the web logs each night and output a graphic showing the most popular page requests and google hits within the current month. Note: on the first day or two of the month, there is not enough data.

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This site is mainly used as a place to share software tips and opinions. Sometimes, it is used to try out ideas for web apps, play with CSS, and toy around with other web things.

Everything for this site was done in house, but the credit should go to all the hard working people who write open source software. Everything you see (and do not see) here is built on their work.

You are welcome to have a look around and if you have any feedback or want to drop us a note, our address is on the About page.

The Articles page is the bulk of the content. There are a few tips on how some software can be used. Have a look around, you may find them interesting or helpful.

Be sure to check out the Products Page. It is just a spoof on big commercial software and how they really talk to the public.

The About Page describes some specifics about the software used for the web server and the desktop.

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