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Sometimes, I take notes while (or just after) working a project. This is mostly so I do not forget how I just did it. If I find the motivation, those notes get worked up into articles. I need to fill in some content on this page, so, here are some reasons I write these articles:

  • Writing helps me understand and remember
  • I may have just learned something useful and want to share
  • I only do the thing I am writing about once in a while and notes are good for reference for the next time
  • The thing I am writing about was particularly burdensome to implement and I know I will forget how it is done
  • The official documentation for the topic may not have been crystal clear
  • Helping others to learn makes me feel like I have added some value... somewhere...
  • Add noise to the web knowledge base.

Many of them have already been published on the web, for some time, on a local BSD user group website. While those versions will probably not be updated, these may be.


I am not generally a fan of How-To's. I have seen; way too many times; users cut and paste directly from a document... not having a clue why or what is going on. Then, they complain when it does not work as expected. And yes, in the past, even I have done it! How-To's can be dangerous for this fact; users want a quick solution. The best advice when doing something new: please try to understand what you are doing and why you are doing it. You will be much better off.

Despite this reservation, I write and publish these notes. I have used other people's published notes - and they have helped me a lot. Maybe I am just trying to pay a little back/forward.

  • Read the official documentation, first - these are just my notes!
  • Learn for yourself - these are not written to be How-To's
  • Watch out for errors - despite my best efforts, there may be mistakes or omissions
  • Some may be a little old - which is why I put a date at the bottom of each

Regardless, browse through the articles. They may be helpful.

Article Listing

The articles are grouped by topic and ordered from newest oldest. This is arbitrary, and may change if I ever adopt 'tagging' articles.

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